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I have a love and appreciation of vintage fabrics and furniture frames. In many of my projects, I want to add a special and unique element. I began screen printing on vintage cotton serape fragments and making decorative pillows. This led me to collecting old toiles, English floral and chintzes fabrics which I then screened with phrases and iconic graphics, then added fantastic and unusual trimmings. Because the fabrics are in limited supply, each 24″ x 24″ pillow is issued in editions of four or less. Each is signed and numbered making them truly collectable pieces.

Working on a design project, I was unable to find exactly the right chair and table that I needed for a small bedroom. I had the pieces made and during the finishing stage thought; “what would happen if I screened the furniture?” I created several pieces that serve as accents to any room. Classic furniture frames are available in custom colors and print patterns. Let me make something for you!

Limited Edition Pillows: $275 each plus shipping

KCD Screened Print Furniture: Prices on Request

Limited Edition Pillows Gallery