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Nashville Design Collective Winner: Best New Build 2023

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Elegant kitchen

Elegant Comfort


Kevin Corn fosters a patient approach to interior design. Patience allows the creative process to unfold organically, ensuring every detail harmonizes seamlessly to create a space that truly resonates with both aesthetics and functionality.


Listening to our clients serves as the foundation for crafting spaces that not only reflect their unique personalities but also encapsulate their aspirations and desires, resulting in environments that resonate with a profound sense of personal connection.


Kevin views inspiration as the guiding force that transforms mere spaces into captivating narratives, ensuring each design element is infused with a distinct flair that captivates and delights.


Kevin believes in seeing the job through to completion with financial accountability. This is crucial for delivering spaces that surpass expectations and stand as a testament to the integrity of our craft.

Kevin Corn

Interior Designer

Kevin Corn’s decidedly personal approach stems from his remarkable ability to marry his client’s practical needs with their desires and memories of how a home should feel.

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Kevin Corn

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